What do we do


R2C's main mission is to improve the quality of the preventive and curative care of patients at risk or affected by difficult-to-heal wounds by intervening with the professionals who take care of them. Its functioning develops in a context of decompartmentalization hospital city, by a direct advice to the bed of the patient, with several fields of action.

The Objectives
  • Improving the quality of care for patients with wounds.
  • Coordinating and harmonizing multidisciplinary actions.
  • Develop training and support for professionals.
  • Provide greater accessibility to any information or technical remedy.
  • Disseminate and practice clinical recommendations.
  • Lower costs of care.
Accompany health professionals

General practitioners and IDEs who are daily confronted with patients suffering from chronic trophic disorders are at the heart of management, which requires regular re-evaluation and adaptation of the care protocol, requires a careful etiologic assessment, as well as the mastery of certain gestures and technologies. The R2C's expert IDEs are involved in the second-line process mode, helping the patient's healthcare team already in place, and articulates with the network's coordinating physicians to decentralize and decompartmentalise hospital expertise and aims to :

  • Diagnosis (clinical context, prognosis and delayed healing factor, severity and complication of the wound).
  • Advise a management strategy, and assist in the implementation of care protocols.
  • Accompany the teams in the learning of technical gestures (debriefing, installation of TPN, ...).
  • Assist in the implementation of organizational modalities and continuity of care and coordination among the various stakeholders.
Strengthen coordination and cooperation among health professionals

A coordinating physician aims at all the actions of the referring experts. The plan of care is then established in collaboration with the attending physician (additional examinations, specialized advice, surgical management ...), as well as the link with the different specialists (surgeons, geriatricians, endocrinologists ...) closest to the patient's place of life. Its multidisciplinary functioning makes it possible to :

  • Promoting patient retention at home.
  • Reduce support costs by limiting travel.
  • Target hospitalizations where they are necessary and accompany the patient and his / her healthcare team both upstream and downstream.
  • Limit duration of hospitalizations.
  • Ensure the most complete continuity of care.
Develop training and support for professionals

R2C is a training organization that offers in-house training in institutions or external, accessible to all professionals. These training courses supplement the field training role proposed by the experts in order to :

  • Breaking down the isolation of health professionals by providing medical and paramedical support in the management of difficult-to-heal wounds.
  • Provide greater accessibility to any information or technical remedies that may assist in the prevention or care of complex wounds.
  • Disseminate and practice clinical recommendations.
  • Accompanying the implementation of the recent regulations on nurse prescription of different dressings.
  • Adapt training to meet identified needs.

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